The city is an ancient one with a history of more than two thousand years and was called Duanzhou in ancient times. The city was built as a military base during the Qin Dynasty, it was called the Gaoyou County during the Han Dynasty in 111 BC and changed to Duanzhou during the Sui Dynasty, Zhaoqingfu during the Beisong Dynasty in 1101 and has been called Zhaoqing City since 1958. The city has ten counties and two districts with an area of 22, 612 square kilometers and a population of 5, 230,000. Before liberation the economy was developed very slowly within a few mills. Today, the city has become an industry city with electronics, instrument, making and textile.

Zhaoqing City is well known for its beautiful scenery. It is one of the best known tourist cities in Lingnan regions since it has the walls of the Song Dynasty, one river (the Xijiang River), two lakes (the Xinghu Lake and the Dinghu Lake), three canyons (the Sanrong Canyon, the Dading Canyon and the Lingyang Canyon), eight wonderful sights and such scenic spots as the Yuejiang Mansion , the Meiyan Nannery and etc. Zhaoqing produces the Duanxi inkstone as well as other famous traditional artwork.

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